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Fette Karre. The break-time favourite in operation. Versatile, luxurious, refined.

For your healthy culture of entertaining. Loaded straight from the bakery and Gabriela’s wonder-kitchen, the Fette Karre is the break-time favourite on your company premises. Insiders even call the Boliden bakery the fat restaurant on wheels.  It serves complete meals to go, sandwiches, flat cakes, breads, soups, freshly squeezed juices. Despite its weight, the Fette Karre is extremely flexible and bakes and fries whatever you want. Fancy some hamburgers? Pizza? Hot dogs? It makes for a fat trap even at night – thanks to its magical lighting. Enrich your corporate event with us. Register promptly!

  • Weekly Menu Fette Karre

Daily Menus

04.03.24 - 08.03.24| Take Away: CHF 12.- 14.00

    CHF12.00 - CHF14.00
    - Beef mince steak with feta cheese (CH) with ayvar sauce, Greek pasta and fried zucchinis
    - Vegetarian capuns with cream sauce, mountain cheese and fresh vegetables
    CHF12.00 - CHF14.00
    - Paella with chicken, chorizo (CH) and prawns (VN) with saffron rice and fresh vegetables
    - Wild garlic ravioli with Mediterranean vegetables and tomato pesto
    CHF12.00 - CHF14.00
    - Beef brasato (CH) with red wine sauce, mashed potatoes and red cabbage
    - Penne with oranges, spinach, chili, feta cheese and lemon sauce
    CHF12.00 - CHF14.00
    - Chicken Stroganoff (CH) with farfalle and broccoli with almonds
    - Tomato risotto with Parmesan shavings and fresh rocket with pine nuts
    CHF12.00 - CHF14.00
    - Lumberjack steak (pork neck CH) with braised onions, roast potatoes and colorful vegetables
    - Chili sin carne with soy mince and spiced rice (VEGAN)

Fette Karre
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